3 Count White Elastic Terry Cloth Spa Headband Single Closure Stretch Towel Washable Facial Band Makeup Wrap Headbands Fits All Head Sizes 4 Inch Wide 25 Inch LongWhen Stretched

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  • ELEGANT DESIGN HEADBAND - A beautiful Snow White Elastic Terry Headband with a white 3.5" Velcro attach to it.
  • * FITS ALL HEAD SIZES - the Terry Cloth Spa Headband is 24" long by 4" wide with a single strong Valcro. One size fits all comfortable heads, keeps your hair neat and away from the face. It can stretch and adjust to its original size easily.
  • * HIGH QUALITY - this affordable set of 3 White Elastic Terry Headband is made of thick 100% terry cloth with a wide strong Velcro placed centered at the end sides of the headband protecting your hair from getting stuck to it and keeping your hair away from the face. The Velcro is so strong that it will not open during treatment or any other activity. It is perfect during facial, face cleaning, shower time ot applying makeup.
  • * WASHABLE AND RE-USABLE - Its washable and dryer friendly. You may wash it numerous times without worrying that it will lose its shape and size. Its high quality will remain the same.
  • *WHOLESALE PRICE - you will be receiving a set of 3 Terry Headband in a low price as if you were buying in wholesale. The Elastic Terry Cloth Spa Headband is a great product for spa business, for estheticians while doing facials, for makeup artist and for barber shop while shaving clients face. It can also be for personal use while taking a shower or other activities