30 min Nap Room with Himalayn Lamps - Relax, Refresh & Recharge ( Honolulu )

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Himalayan Salt Negative Ion Therapy 

As you enter your treatment room you will notice the Himalayan Salt Lights displaying a range of healing colors. The treatment room is essentially a negative ion field similar to that amazing feeling you get at the beach or after a rainstorm.

Benefits of (-) Negative Ions

Ever wonder why you feel so good at the beach? You are being bombarded by negative ions! In fact many studies have have show that our health is dependent on the amount and quality of negative ions in the air we breath. A world famous professor from Michigan University A.D. Moore stated that breathing air with negative ions can be as helpful as a medical treatment such as in healing a wound.

Why Negative Ions Help Us

Within the human body are billions of cells, each enclosed by a cell wall. The cell wall in essence keeps the cell healthy by performing many tasks.

Cells are stabilized and normalized if their are enough (-) negative ions within the cell and (-) ions outside the cell. The reverse of this holds true as well. To many positive ions interrupt the cells functioning and leads to dis-ease of the cell.
Research has shown that exposure to more (-) ions helps us in the following ways.

Purification of Blood

Reviving Our Cells

Increases Immunity

Improves our Autonomic Nervous System