Handmade Lavender Soap with Tile Soap Holder

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Our lavender essential oil cleanses, detoxifies, and balances all skin types and is known for its proven calming and relaxing effects. Lavender soap is perfect for the winding down bath at the end of the day (try it on your 2 year old!). Organic oatmeal calms and soothes skin irritation and restores balance. Get ready for a relaxing aromatherapy treat!

All Ingredients: Saponified oils of coconut*, palm*, olive and castor; Hawaiian macadamia nut and kukui nut oils; oat flour*, ground North Shore tangerine peel*, alkanet root, white clay, styrax benzoin; pure essential oils of lavender, pink grapefruit, rosewood.

*Organically grown ingredients.

Instructions: Use in the shower or at the sink to gently yet effectively cleanse skin. May be used as often as needed. If soap lather gets in eyes, flush with water.

Tips: Use as an effective and gentle cleanser for normal, sensitive, combination dry, and dry, mature skin. Gentle enough to safely use on young children. On an aromatherapy level, this blend calms and relaxes.

Net Weight: 3.25oz