Nixplay Signage 32"- simple, scalable and stunning digital signage, ready to use right out of the box. Remote content management, free software trial included.

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Out-of-the-box digital signage solutions that are Simple, Scalable and Stunning.

The complete Digital Signage Solution

Nixplay Signage is a complete digital signage solution, with integrated hardware and software that delivers true simplicity, efficiency and value for business messaging. With minimal setup, deliver your content to high-resolution displays and monitor activity using your Dashboard.
​Content is in your control and displayed seamlessly, saving you time and cost.

High Quality Vibrant Displays

16:9 Full High Definition (1080p) IPS Display for stunning resolution.
350 cd/m2 brightness and a wide viewing angle.
Backlit LED for lower energy consumption.
16GB internal storage with 2 GB of DDR.
High-speed modern CPU with 4 Cortex-A17 cores & RK3288 Chipset to support 4K Video.
USB, SD, SDHC support. No media player required.

Quality that endures: 
Peace of mind comes as standard with Nixplay Signage’s premium support.
24/7 reliability to meet round-the-clock business operating requirements

So much more than an ordinary screen:
Smart Hu-Motion Sensor with detection up to 3.5m depth saves energy, turning off displays when no motion is detected to prolong the life of the screen

Display it your way with the power of Nixplay Signage software

Your Content in the Cloud
Upload all your content so it is secure and easily accessible in one place. 
Enjoy 50 GB of free cloud storage as well!

Image and Video Playlist
Get the right result, every time. All content uploaded from your Nixplay Signage cloud account is delivered seamlessly to your cloud displays, automatically ensuring the optimal size and resolution. 

Signage Display Management 
Status monitors indicate which of your cloud displays around the world are on or off, allowing you to maximize efficiency and make instant adjustments when required. 

We take security seriously. Data transferred and stored is fully encrypted and our infrastructure is hosted in redundant data centers with automatic scaling and recovery to deliver maximum up time.


  • Complete and simple digital signage solution. Operates with affordable Nixplay Signage cloud-based software for as low as $8.99 per month. Upload, delete & edit content remotely. Enjoy 50GB of free cloud storage. Full hardware and software compatibility at your fingertips.
  • Easy content management. Schedule your images or videos to appear across different displays at global locations from anywhere in the world. Social media integration- with Dropbox, Flickr, Google Photos, Instagram and Facebook.
  • Enhanced customer engagement. Nixplay's Hu-Motion sensor can turn the display on only when a customer is nearby for improved customer attention and energy saving.
  • A partner you can trust. Nixplay Signage is the trusted digital signage partner of companies including Betco, Stanford University, Vicostone and more. Our amazing customer support is available round the clock and is always eager to resolve any issues you face.