Portable Massage Table Package Shasta - All-In-One Treatment Table w/ Adjustable Face Cradle, Pillow & Carrying Case (28"x73")

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CARE & MAINTENANCE: Vinyl Care Keep your table out of extreme cold or heat as this may damage the vinyl. Do not store table in a vehicle, as that could expose it to intense temperature variations. For best results, transport and store table in a carry case to protect and preserve the vinyl. Cleaning & Disinfecting Remove day-to-day dirt and smudges with mild soap and warm water solution. For tough stains and to disinfect, use a (100 to 1) water to bleach solution. Spray a damp cloth with the solution to clean. After each cleaning, gently wipe the vinyl with a damp cloth and clean water, then allow vinyl to air dry before using or storing. For more difficult stains, please contact Stronglite for guidance. Do NOT use Armor All or citrus-based cleansers. For best results, use only the products suggested above. Alternative cleansing methods may cause serious damage to your table. Such damage would not be covered under our warranty program.

  • COMPLETE PORTABLE MASSAGE TABLE: Includes hardwood beech massage table with round corners, adjustable face cradle, face pillow, and a rugged nylon carry case with heavy-duty zippers.
  • PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: The Shasta weighs only 33lbs and stores easily in car trunks and closets. Size: 28x73", 25" to 35" adjustable height.
  • SUPREME COMFORT: 2" of responsive cushioning is hand upholstered in buttery smooth Vinyl with attractive double stitched and rounded corners.
  • EXCEPTIONALLY STRONG: 450lb working weight. Solid hardwood beech legs, corner blocks and double knobs plus a strong cabling system and rigid 6mm end panels make it a table with exceptional strength.
  • 5-year warranty.

WARRANTY: We guarantee our portable tables for 5 years against defects in frame material and workmanship, and 1 year against defects in foam and vinyl, from the original date of purchase. This warranty is valid only for the original purchaser and does not cover damage caused by misuse, accidents, neglect, or wear and tear,which includes tears in the vinyl and damage caused by improper storing or cleaning.